How to fix sticky slime

SugarSlime Care:

Caring for your SugarSlime can be a sticky situation, but also very rewarding and character building. Please follow these instructions to get the most out of your SugarSlime!

My slime is…


~Mix ½ teaspoon of your No Stick Pixie Powder into 1 cup of warm water until completely dissolved. Add just a couple drops into your SugarSlime and knead until stickiness subsides! Be very careful not to add too much activator as that could make it too stiff! Store your activator for future use.
~For opaque SugarSlimes (Creamy and Floam) try adding a pump of lotion and kneading until smooth.
~For clear based SugarSlimes (Crunchy, Glitter, and Pearl) try kneading in a small amount of warm water. Clear based slimes tend to soften when left alone, so you can also try letting it sit in it’s container for a day or two.
~Sweet! We think so too!