What should I do if my SugarSlime is sticky?

Don’t worry, this is normal! When SugarSlime sits for a while and/or is exposed to warm temperatures during shipping, it may melt a little and become a bit sticky. This is where your No Stick Pixie Powder comes in handy! Please click here for all your SugarSlime care related questions.
What is included in my package?
All packages come with a SugarSlime Care Card, a packet of No Stick Pixie Powder, and (of course) your amazing SugarSlime!
Do you use borax in your SugarSlime?
Yes! After many attempts and many different recipes, we found that using borax as an activator produces the highest quality product! Borax (borate) is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined out of the ground, it is often found in cleaning products and some skin care products. The borax used in our SugarSlime is very diluted and should be quite safe to handle with the exception of someone having highly sensitive skin, allergies to detergents and cleaning products, or if you are an extraterrestrial. Please remember to wash your hands after playing with your SugarSlime as the alkaline nature of borax can cause skin to feel a bit dry.
Omg this SugarSlime smells SO good! Can I eat it?
Nope! SugarSlime is NOT edible. No matter how delicious it smells, please...just...don’t eat it.
So, how do I play with it?
Handling SugarSlime takes a bit of finesse. Choose a clean, non-porous surface (Countertop = good / cat bed = bad) and after activating it to the perfect texture, try poking, kneading, making bubbles etc. When handling SugarSlimes, it's a good idea to move your hands quickly and constantly. If you just hold it in your hand, your body heat will start to melt the SugarSlime and you will have a sticky mess on your hands...literally.  

Shipping/Refunds/Gift Cards:

When will my SugarSlime arrive?
We prepare most orders for shipment within one week. Shipping then takes an additional 2-4 business days. We will email you a tracking number as soon as it ships!
Can I get a refund?
Because of the nature of our products, orders are non-refundable. SugarSlime may have slight variations from the photographs in color/texture as each batch is lovingly handmade. Be extra intentional about following the SugarSlime care information found in your package and on this website as we do not offer refunds if your SugarSlime arrives a bit melted, if you over activate it, or if it somehow gets stuck on your dog. (If the latter does happen though, just send us a pic.) Please make sure to enter your address in correctly as we cannot offer refunds if your SugarSlime is sent to an incorrect address.
My SugarSlime container arrived broken, what should I do?
Oh no! It’s super unfortunate that this happens sometimes due to rough handling during shipping. (Our leading theory: there’s some sort of underground small package soccer leagues, more to come as evidence is found. If anyone has any information about this, please email us.) Please email us photographic evidence for our case file at info@sugarslime.com and we will get your refund/exchange underway!
Are there any gift card restrictions?
Just one. Gift cards can only be used to purchase slime. (They cannot be used to purchase gift cards.)

Custom Orders:

Can I place a custom order for my event/party?
Yes! Sound like you might like SugarSlime almost as much as we do! We do custom orders of 25+ pieces. Please email us at info@sugarslime.com to discuss details.

Social Media:

Are you on Instagram?
Yes! We love technology! Our handle is @heysugarslime and we would love for you to follow us! We will be posting cool pics and videos as well as behind the scene stuff from our Slimatorium often!
Can I review your product on Instagram/YouTube/Etc?
Sure thing! Please use our hashtag #iheartsugarslime in your review! Can’t wait to see what you think!

Helpful Reminders:

~SugarSlime is NOT edible! We know it smells so yummy, but please don’t eat it!
~Remember to wash your hands before AND after playing with your SugarSlime.
~Be careful not to get your SugarSlime into any fabric, hair, or carpet. This product contains glue as one of the main ingredients and it can be very difficult to get out.
~Always store your slime in an airtight container at room temperature and out of the sun! This insures that you will get the most life out of your SugarSlime.
~HAVE FUN! SugarSlime has some super satisfying ASMR qualities (Learn more about ASMR here) and can be really soothing to play with. In addition to really lovely scents/colors/textures, SugarSlime can act as a stress reliever and you can squish, pop, press, and squeeze yourself into a calm and relaxed state!